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    AW70/1500, diseñada para emplazamientos de vientos altos (clase IEC Ia)

    El AW70/1500 ha sido diseñado para soportar perfectamente las tensiones propias de emplazamientos de vientos altos, sin merma de sus prestaciones. Más de 400 unidades en operación avalan su óptimo comportamiento, robustez y fiabilidad.

    Especificaciones Técnicas

    Rotor diameter 70 m
    Wind class IEC Ia
    Turbine suitability High wind sites
    Operating Data
    Cut-in wind speed 4 m/s
    Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s
    Nominal power 1,500 kW
    Cold weather operational temperature range (optional) -30ºC to + 40ºC
    Power factor range +/- 0.93 (600 kVA) dynamic between +/- 5% p.u. voltage)
    Zero voltage ride through Meets or exceeds global requirements
    Swept area 3,848 m²
    Power regulation Independent pitch regulated with variable speed
    Drive train
    Gearbox 3 stages: 1 planetary, 2 parallel (helical)
    Bearings Double spherical roller bearings
    Lubrication Pressure and splash with oil cooler/oil filter
    Pitch system
    Actuation Hydraulic cylinders
    Fail-safes Blade independent piston accumulators on hub
    Yaw system
    Type Four point ball bearing, external gear
    Slewing ring External
    Braking system Hydraulic friction pads plus electromechanical brake per motor drive
    Type 6 poles, double feeding
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Nominal voltage 12,000 V (able to eliminate step-up transformers depending on wind farm layout)
    Steel hub height standard options (m) 60, 80
    Steel tower number of sections 3
    Nacelle weight (tons) 52.3 t (without hub)
    Hub weight (tons) 15.2 t
    Nacelle dimensions 8.7 m (length) 3.4 m (width) 4.1 m (height)
    Nacelle transportability One piece, rail-capable
    Life and hoist capacities
    Service lift capacity 250 kg
    Onboard crane hoist lift capacity 250 kg

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